Enabling transformation and innovation to the business with Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence drives agility and helps in building a data driven Intelligent Enterprise. Enterprises need strategies which directly improve their operations and create new business opportunities.

Exqvia’s AI offering provides enterprises with capability that improves their profitability and brings innovation using new age techniques such as computer vision, natural language processing, clustering, advanced machine learning and automation. Keeping design thinking at the forefront and delivering AI advisory, AIOps, and AI for business insights, Exqvia helps enterprises in their business transformation journey.


Exqvia, through it’s strong partner network, bring in industry leading solutions and frameworks, which includes a semi-automated platform that enables the researchers to search, filter, author, review, and publish scientific documents within the Life Sciences, Insurance and Financial Services domains.

The machine-assisted document processing and information extraction combined with seamless integration of PubMed reduce cognitive overload for researchers up to 70%. The automated information source citing and linking to the context document eases the review process for researchers. Integrated QC module provides fast and easy validation of the document before publishing. The platform also provides a single searchable repository of all the documents that are produced through this process.