With renewed focus, enterprise need to re-imagine the way they work to stabilize and take control of their business. Withstand impact, forecast, respond rapidly, adapt and recover better for the future.

The challenges in Data store is directly proportional to growth in Data across enterprises, it can be organically through venturing into different divisions and In-organically by acquisitions, but the overall program can only be successful if well thought foundations are laid out for bigger, broader as well scalable implementations, we help organizations achieve the organization’s data success through variety of services in Big Data Space.

– Assess current Data platform need to derive the optimum cluster configurations on Cloudera.

– Model and arrange the data ready for Business Intelligence, Analysis, Analytics.

– Apply Best practices and process for better utilization of the cluster.

– Integration structured and unstructured data to pull into Big Data for completeness on the business impacting factor availability.

– Real-time insights from the data sources.

– Creates customer value through humongous data storage and models for analysis.

Data Warehouse

Data complexity and challenges are rapidly growing due to Technological advances,mergers and acquisitions, consolidation, and regulatory compliances, Every organization must evolve accordingly with the changing data arena to keep the pace on go-to-market strategy. we have a proven methodology of implementing large scale data warehouses that enable efficiency.


Business Intelligence:

With wealth of experience in the Business Intelligence we know how best the data can be visualized to have maximum impact on the business, we help organizations to align key performance indicators (KPIs) with their strategic goals and objectives. Our practice include strategic planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, support and training for any BI/DW implementation.


Data Management

Data management base on which every organizations plan and ideate for their business, we help build strategy to keep this lifeline having integrated data architecture that facilitates the retrieval, analysis and manipulation of data across all functions and business units, as well as several applications. The information is scattered across various locations, situation, structure and diversified platforms which poses variety of challenges with constant changing technology to manage the Data at the enterprise level.