Partner with Exqvia to deliver new experiences at the convergence of edge, intelligence, and humanity, to build competitive differentiation and create value.

Harness the power of the IoT to build and optimize connected operations, take customer experience to the next level, and enable new business models by leveraging sensor data, and applying advanced analytics at the edge. Based on your current level of IoT adoption, we offer services that span the entire lifecycle of IoT engagements. A successful IoT implementation has its basis in a proven business case. Try our IoT Value Finder Assessment to identify and validate a business case, and to ensure your IoT success. You can then quickly prove value by using our Value Experiment services, and then scale them using our Engineering Services.

Exqvia makes IoT real, connecting the digital and physical worlds to create intelligence.

Leverage our array of Technology Consulting Services to quickly validate your business case, create/assess your IoT solution and IoT security architecture, and rapidly prototype to assess uptake.

Our Engineering Services combine ready to use solutions, accelerators, and our Metal to Cloud capability to build value tuned to your needs, rapidly. Whether you are looking to unlock new efficiencies, or move to a as-a-service business model, or want to provide hyper-personalized experiences to your customers, Exqvia’s Engineering Services make it possible.